HOBARE stands for: HOtel, BAr, REstaurant supply. We're an international Corporation that provides our customers with the supplies they need to better serve their guests. Rapidly growing tourism asks for better service and higher quality, while the strong economical growth in South East Asia requires a more professional service for business guests. We are here to help meet all of those needs. We, at HOBARE, are an international team that understand the needs of our customers. We know that price, quality and availability are key factors in not only our success but to theirs as well.


We will be the markets leader for the hotel, bar, and restaurant supply industry in South East Asia.


We help our customer serve and cater to their guests in the best possible way by:

  • Having quality products at competitive prices.
  • Guaranteeing a speedy delivery time.
  • Never having to say, "Sorry, out of stock"


We treat our customers, partners and employees with respect, fairness and friendliness! We will always strive to be efficient and thorough, and to do our jobs to the best of our abilities!